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Termites, Ants, Cockroaches,  Rats, Bed Bugs , Birds and anything that does not look like you!

Choose Urban Pest Control in your quest for an effective pest control experience.  We are up for any pest control job.  Let Urban Pest Control inspect your home and premises so you can have peace of mind that your property is protected!

Our pest control service is now available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Melaka 

Range of Pest Control Problems

Sure enough,  there are many types of pest in Malaysia. The most common in our household is termites, which are extremely destructive, also rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes.  Pest are very harmful to human health as these pests carry all types of diseases in the place that we live and work.

Pest Control Services

Urban Pest Control strive to provide professional and affordable pest control services everyday when serving our community in KL Selangor, Penang, Melaka and Johor.   We are here to assist you when you need termite control, bed bugs eradication or fumigation services, let our expertise and knowledge to take care for you.




Tick & Flea

Rat & Rodent

cockroach pest control Selangor KL


bat pest control Selangor KL


bird pest control Selangor KL


mobird pest control Selangor KL


Disinfection Services

We follow standard operating procedure by WHO, keeping your premise sanitised and virus free environment. Our professional and affordable disinfection services  serving you in KL Selangor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor.


 Commercial Disinfection

Residential Disinfection

How Do We Solve the Pest Control Problems?

We understand that to kill a certain pest, we must first understand their unique feeding and breeding habits.  With this knowledge,  we are able to access the natural/biological way or chemical way to exterminate them.  The methods can vary significantly depends on your special needs as well.  We found that there are many types of commercial pesticides, liquid repellents, sprays and physical traps in the market,  you may even find them in stores. Howeverm nobody likes their living and working environment to be exposed with harmful chemical.  What do you think?  If not handle properly,  these solution not only cannot do the job properly,  the infestation can come back in no time, giving you more headache down.

Therefore, we urge that you can consider hiring pest control professionals whenever facing with any pest problems; your decision will determine the safety of your family and your property.


How It Works?

Step 1:


Allow us to send our trained technician to conduct a RISK FREE site inspection at your premise!

Step 2:

Implement Treatment Solution 

We will install the pest-monitoring tools in critical areas. With our scientific solution, we treat your pest problems thoroughly and efficiently to ensure that the root cause is resolved.

Step 3:

Monitor for long term protection

Consistent monitoring is important to ensure the pest problem will not reoccur.  Our expert will schedule a regular visit to monitor the pest activities and confirm the effectiveness of our treatment.

Our Customers

Why choose Urban Pest Control for your pest problem?

No Hidden Cost

We offer accurate and transparent prices for based on your pest problem.  Rest assure no additional hidden cost will be presented

We Follow Your Time

We are flexible on our schedule and we can schedule the treatment time at your convenience, if needed on the weekends too.

 Professional Knowledge

Our team of expert are very well trained in handling chemicals as well as method of taking care of the pest when captured.

It’s FREE!

As responsible provider we provide FREE site inspection so that we tailor the best solution to suit your pest problem

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