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Termite Control in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Melaka 

Termite control is forever in high demand in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor and Melaka. The reason is majority of the land were used for plantation such as palm tree and rubber tree when Malaysia was predominantly relying on agricultural.  These are perfect breeding ground for termites. As modernisation took place, these lands are cleared to build new homes and building for the people.  Thus, houses and building on these lands are highly prone to be affected by termite attacked.

The chances of detecting termite is not as easy, comparing to sightings of ants or cockroaches. However, the damage by termites (also known as white ants) are devastating.  Especially in Malaysia, we enjoy warm and humid weather which is perfect condition for the termite to flourish.   Their colonies concentrated at spots that are always exposed to water with high humidity such as the toilet and the kitchen.

Signs of Termite Infestations

Detecting termites may be hard for untrained eyes.   The rule of thumb to remember is the termites feed on cellulose,  which is a organic compound in nature.  Therefore places where you can found trails of termites is near plants,  building materials such as wooden frame, shelves,  carton box and even cotton clothing is one of the target for termites.  Here are some method to inspect for the signs of termite infestations:

  • Wings that are discarded after termites flew to another area to build colonies.
  • Mud tunnels signifies a protective system to block out cool, dry air connecting them to the next food source.
  • Wood damages such as blistered paint, hollow planks created by termites chewing through wood to find food.

How to get rid of Termites?

Some of the tips for homeowners and building owner can consider below once termite infestation:

  • Expose termites to sunlight. Termite will die under UV lights.
  • Set up wet cardboard trap to attract the termites.
  • Drill a small hole into the infested surface and inject orange oil into the hollow space.  Reinject the oil over several day.
  • Use vineger solution or salt water solution and spray on the infestious surface or  fill into the syringe and inject into termite entry points.

Repeat the steps above for several days and evaluate the effectiveness of the method above.

These are some DIY steps where you could give it a try to protect your premises from termite invasion.   However,  termites can come back anytime to attacked you home and furniture by other route and means.  Hence,  be sure to set a regular routine to inspect your home surrounding as a prevention.

Do you need Professional Termites Control Help?

While there may be things that you can try at home to solve the termite problems,  but without consistency and determination,  it may be a wasteful effort and time. A professional termite control service is aiming on killing the Queen Termite, which control the whole colony.  Some methods that you tried might simply force the termite to relocate to another place and that is usually what DIY solutions able to do that.  Therefore,  we strongly recommend you to contact a professional pest control company specialising in Termites Control so the solution will be more targeting on the root cause.

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We were skeptical at first since we get the contact online. The team from Urban Pest Control listened carefully on the termite issues that we are facing. Happy to hear that they have helped one of my neighbours with termite problem as well.  Customer service was excellent as they provide service. Good job!

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My mom is worry about cockroaches problem.  We have no idea where are there from.  Urban Pest Control quickly found the root cause and suggested a plan to kill them all.  I am glad the action is taken swiftly as we are getting frustrated with the situation. Great job to Urban Pest Control!

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